Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.

Travis is a 2 yr old wonderful, small tuxedo lap cat-FIV+

Travis is such a love!  He will crawl in your lap the minute you meet him.  He was found as a stray and had been beaten up pretty badly.  He has been fed and cared for by a kind couple but since he is so nice they really wanted to find him a home.  Unfortunately Travis tests positive for FIV(Feline AIDS).  He is a small, young cat with a HUGE amount of love and companionship to give.  FIV cats can live  long and healthy lives.  No special care except love and good quality nourishment to keep the immune system healthy. He is neutered and current on his vaccine.  If you want a friend for your FIV kitty or if you are looking for just a companion then Travis would be perfect for you.  FIV cats can also live with non-FIV cats.  FIV is spread mainly through deep bite wounds and mating.  He is a very mellow boy who just wants to live his life in comfort with love.  If interested please contact his foster mom Mary  BUDKIN@OUTLOOK.COM-Thank you!

Queenie is a wonderful little female-1 year old-FIV+

Orion is a gorgeous 2 year old male-sweet!!!-FIV+


Gus is a wonderful, friendly and fun lap cat 2 yrs-FELV+ and

Kelly is a 6 month old sweet tuxedo female-FELV+









Regal is FIV+ 5 year old Male-gentle gets along well with others

More to Come!!!



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