Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Deja is a wonderful black/brown male-6 months and Violet is his black  and beautiful sister!

Clawdette is a 8 month old super sweet female-shy to start

Emmy Lou and Emmett are 6 months old

Ciril is a wonderful 8 month old male

Rafe and Finn are 5-6 month old brothers-SWEET!

Fergie is a sweet and gentle 5/6 month old female-she loves Leo(who is on the adult cat page)

JD is a wonderful 7 month old male-a tad shy until he knows you


Coming Soon.......
OREO Speedwagon-male, Leisel and Hot Rod

Red, Emmy, Grace and Poppy

Hansel and Gretel

Gili-male, Coley-male, Tikka-female and Gaelynn Siamese-female

Monique, Cyprus, Picasso and Zydeco

Jackson, Jason and Jasper

Zepplin,Thalia and Cosmo

3 boys and a girl

boy and a girl








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