Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Linus and Lance are 9 months old-sweet brothers-pair only

Zane is a 8-9 month old male sweetie-rough but sweet-only pet

Hansel is a sweet and gentle boy 7 months old-a bit shy till he knows you-he loves to be pet and is quite the purrer!

Paprika is a sweet tortie female-6.5-7 months old

Winston and Sid are a wonderful pair of brothers-6 months old

Janus is a petite and energetic 6 month old female

Zephyr is a 6 month old tabby mix male-sweet!!!

Kheleesi is a wonderful 10 month old female

Daisy and Diamond are 6 month old sisters 


Ritsu is a tiny 10 month old female kitten

Foster and Colt are 9 mo and 11 months old-fun boys






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