Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Kahla and Lira are 2 beautiful 6-7 month old sisters-sweet and fun!!

Sassy and Zowie are 14 weeks

Darcie is a 4-5 month old beautiful and sweet calico-available soon

Kaylee is adopted-Yippee!!!

Connor is a shy 6-7 month old female

Clarissa is Connors sister

Hawkeye is a shy med haired tabby male-7 months

Ziggy, Jewel, Big Geezy and Fredo are 12 weeks and will be available soon

Sherman is a 6 month old shy boy

Felicity and Felicia are 10 weeks old

Spirit(F) and Lefty(M) are 4 months old

Ella and Mischief are 4 months old

Iliana, is a wonderful 7 month old female

Gunner(tuxedo) is 8 month old-big kitten and a loverboy!!!!!

Ella and Simon are 12 weeks old and super sweet

Bonnie is 3-4 months old

Ballerina, Lyrica and Fenimore are 4 months old


Manny, Moe and Jack are 6 month old brothers

Maya, Twyla and Cayla are 12 weeks old

Blaze and Jet are 10 week old brothers

Jaxon, Logan and Rory are 12 weeks old

Shorty is a 7 month old male lover

Flora is a 5 month old Classic tabby-just beautiful and sweet and her sister Rikki is a beautiful dilute tortie

Iggy and Azalea are coming soon!

Chunks and Gohan are sweet and 3.5 months old

Harry is a 10 month old sweetie-shy to start then lovebug-gentle

Little Red aka Redboy is 11 months old-not the friendliest kitty but he's getting there-He loves other kitties though




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