Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Bealy and Gracie are 16 week old siblings-pair only-FIV+????

Bealy and Gracie are fabulous, fun and loving kittens.  They tested positive for FIV BUT most likely they DO NOT have FIV.  Kittens very seldom are FIV+ but when tested at their age they can have antibodies from the mother cat who has been infected but kittens generally clear it by 6-8 months of age.  These 2 have been bottle fed and we took them in at 3 weeks of age and they were very healthy then. They are very healthy now too and so sweet!!  They are spayed and neutered and have their kitten boosters.  If you are interested in adopting the pair please call Laurie @ 480-236-9453.  You won't be disappointed and FYI.  FIV cats can live with non FIV cats and not infect them.  FIV is from deep bite wounds that cats inflict when serious fighting.  So if everyone gets along then no problem.

Luna and Sneakers are a pair of wonderful 3.5 month old sisters


Linus and Lance are 4 months old-sweet brothers-pair only

 Gaelynn, Ciril, Arman and Ari are 3 months old

Batman is a 3.5-4 month old male sweetie


Charlie is 4.5 months old-sweet baby!-Adopted-Yippee!!!!


Annoux, Onyx and Salem are 4.5 month old females-sweet!!

DeeDee, Dixie and Delilah are 4 months old

Ciel and Meela are 7-8 months old

Grayson, Gigi, Gidget, Gatsby, Gabe and Gabby are 3 months old






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