Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Bealy and Gracie are 7.5 month old siblings-pair only

Bealy and Gracie are fabulous, fun and loving kittens. They are high energy kittens and super loving too!


 Linus and Lance are 6 months old-sweet brothers-pair only

Dee Dee is a super sweet but a tad shy-5 months old


Beatrice is a sweet but a tad shy yet female-6 months old 

Annoux, Onyx and Salem are 6 month old females-sweet!!

Foster and Colt are 6 mo and 6.5 months old

Ciel and Meela are 7-8 months old

Sterling, Petunia and Moose are 5-6 months

Daesha and Tristan are a wonderful 2.5 month old pair

Cheeto and Waffles are 3 months old






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