Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Jacques, Pierre(adopted) and Gunner are 5-6 months-bigger kittens and even bigger lapcats!!!!!

Winston and Frito are a pair of 5-6 month old brothers-wonderful boys

Harley(Manx)and Dolly are 5-6 months-pair only

Lola is our 3 legged beauty-4 months old and sweet

Hercules(M)and Copper(F) are 15 weeks old

Skylar(F)is adopted, Axl and Diesel are 44 months old

Brynn is a 10 month old kitten, super snuggly and a lap cat. She needs to be the only pet though because she doesn't want to share you!

Watson is a sweet and gentle tuxedo male-2.5 months

Mae is 15 weeks old-silly girl

Hawkeye and BJ

Harry is a 9 month old sweetie-shy to start then lovebug

Ohio is a 10 month old beauty

Little Red aka Redboy is 10 months old-not the friendliest kitty but he's getting there-He loves other kitties though

Ozzie is adopted-Yippee!!!!




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