Kitty Kat Rescue, Inc.


Archie, Newton and Cisco are 15 weeks old
Kahla and Lira are 2 beautiful 8 month old sisters-sweet and fun!!

Murray and Wilson are 14 week old polydactyl brothers-pair only

Guya, Luna, Wendy and Kiven(male) are 3 months-available Dec 15


Velvet and Speedo are 3 month old sweeties

Ziggy and Fredo are 16 weeks

Felicia and Felicity are 14 weeks old

Spirit(F) and Mischief are 5.5 months old

Manny, Moe and Jack are 7 month old brothers

Twyla and Cayla are 14 weeks old

Jaxon, Logan and Rory are 16 weeks old

Shorty is a 7 month old male lover

Iggy and Azalea are adopted-Yippee!!

Harry is a 10 month old sweetie-shy
to start then lovebug-gentle




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